ANDY PRATT NEGATIVE CUTTING sets the industry standard in post-production services and archival negative cutting. We proudly present this site to filmmakers who desire complete, precise and accurate information regarding the complex and sometimes difficult process of post-production for motion pictures.

We are dedicated to providing the necessary resources for the least costly and most hassle-free film finish possible for your movie. With a dedicated crew of 10 led by Andy Pratt we can consult, console, confirm, affirm, and guide the most novice of filmmakers.

Our experience and daily work encompasses a wide range of projects, including student productions, experimental work, restoration work on major Hollywood films, well-known and not-so-well-known(-yet) independent films, and network television shows. We appreciate the opportunity to meet the diverse challenges presented by each type of project.

Please call or e-mail for help with your post-production needs.

Post-production Planning During Pre-production

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