2001 was a fantastically eventful year for us. We have been ramping up our archival negative cutting department and have worked through the first season of the 1989 to 1992 MGM/UA television series "The Young Riders". We're now in full swing on the cut for the second season, and look forward to several other episodics in the pipeline. We continue our work on the "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" animated series for The Cartoon Network, as we near the end of their 3rd season.

Our new television project is the Movie-of-the-Week, "Fear Stalk", for Carlton Entertainment. This is a three-perf show, shot in 1991, and as such represented some interesting challenges on the way to getting a complete cut negative for our client.

We continue to do a brisk business with students and experimental work. "Measure" by 33 Fainting Spells, was screened at the New York Film Festival. Other shorts we've had the pleasure to work on are "Sound Affects", "Block Party", "Like Old Times", "Stroke", "The Catch", "Fat Chicks", "Little Lamb", "Pigeons", "Muerto Canyon", "Where I Was" and "The Barn", among others.

Independent features account for a large part of our annual work flow. Last year they included "Making Something Up", by Brickyard Productions (Sacramento), "What About Me" by Diamond Star Productions (New York City), "Farewell to Harry" by Drop of a Hat Productions (Los Angeles), "The Trouble With Boys and Girls" by Home Movies (Seattle), and "Best Wishes" by Joffre McClung (New York City).

We continue with our association with the Seattle Post Affiliates and sent a representative to the Kudzu Film Festival in Athens, Georgia to act as a judge for the festival, and present an award for post-production services which is sponsored by the Seattle Post Affiliates. We continue our involvement with the Hamptons Film Festival, and the Palm Springs Film Festival.

Our new "The Filmmaker's Guide to Post Production" wall poster is finished and available for purchase. It really looks great, having been designed by Tae Won Yu, a rock 'n' roll album cover designer for the indie label K Records in Olympia. It's really an amazing combination of eye-pleasing colors and graphics, with a huge amount of useful information laid out in a way that makes it very easy to see and understand.

During all this activity we've been fortunate to have some amazingly talented, skilled and dedicated people join our company. We now have a staff of 10, and look forward to expanding further in 2002čadding space and personnel to meet the demands of the new episodic work that we have coming in. All in all, we have had a great year in 2001, and look forward to the growth and challenges that 2002 will bring.