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Film Preservation and Restoration

Restoration, conservation, preservation, archival work , future-proofing, film repair are all synonymous with saving existing film, and we do it all.




Is your original negative suffering from various forms of deterioration? Are your I/Ps or YCMs damaged? Are those CRIs you used for opticals or dupes faded so badly that the prints look like one color only? How about a lacquer coating that is yellowing and cracking? We can help.

One example of restoration is the work we did for Warner Bros., removing a cracked and yellowing lacquer coating from both the emulsion and base sides of Around the World in 80 Days. This was the 65mm, 30 frame per second original negative shot in 1956. We worked directly with Eastman Kodak to develop a new cleaning method for this project.


We provide expert inspection and written reports on all types of film using the Gryphon˘ film inspection system. Running your film on soft rubber rollers, the Gryphon˘ allows us to inspect both sides of the film simultaneously. This offers the least physical stress to the film, while providing the greatest amount of information.

Andy Pratt is an expert on film restoration, repair and archival processes. He has worked on the repair and restorations of Lawrence of Arabia, Carousel, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and Doctor Zhivago for companies such as MGM and DeLuxe.

We work closely with Eastman Kodak and Alpha Cine Laboratory to determine the optimal approach on each project.