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Cutting on a 24 fps System

Cutting on a 24 fps system is akin to driving a Cadillac. These systems offer the most frame-accurate edit of any of the digital editing systems. This eliminates the extra fields generated by the 3/2 pulldown in the video transfer. Currently the two systems that work in that arena are the Avid Film Composer (or Media Composer with Film Composer Software), and Lightworks.

With these systems you are able to edit in a one-frame-of-video to one-frame-of-film relationship. This system will also allow you to create an 'A roll' only, or an 'A/B roll' assemble list. With the 'A/B roll' assemble list, the systems take into consideration those effects that can be accomplished with A/B roll printing (standard length fades & dissolves-16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 96, &128 frames). This creates an optical list that has only true opticals, ie. unusual lengths of fades or dissolves, freeze frames, slow motion, fast motion, reverse action, etc.

You should provide us with a -inch video that has a visible key number burn, and an assemble list in either 'A roll' or 'A/B roll' form--the 'A roll' assemble list if you are having all effects done optically, or the 'A/B roll' assemble list if you want the standard effects done on a contact printer. Along with this we need a pull list, an optical list, an optical pull list, an optical scene pull list, and a dupe list. The dupe list will indicate those shots that are either totally or partially used more than once in the final edit.

The assemble list could include running footage, duration footage, key number in, key number out, scene/take, camera roll, and lab roll.

It should also contain the timecode in and out. The two pull lists and the dupe list should be created with key number in, key number out, scene/take, camera roll, and if available, lab roll.

The optical list will give key number in, key number out, scene/take, camera roll, the type of effect, length, and center points for all shots used.

Cutting on a 30 fps System

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