Andy Pratt
Post Production Advisor-Post Production Supervisor
Laboratory Liaison

109 W. Denny Way, #314
Seattle, WA 98119
phone 206-521-9193
fax 206-521-9953

Being involved in post production and film laboratories for over 25 years, I have worked with Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Deluxe Laboratory, MGM Laboratory, and Alpha Cine Laboratory. At Deluxe Laboratory, I first worked as a Captive Negative Cutter and Assembler, then from 5/81 to12/91, as their Supervising Negative Cutter. I began working as an independent cutter in 1990, continuing to the present. I have worked with cutters such as Bob Hart /Sunrise Films, Terresa Repola Mohammed, Gary Burritt /Kona Cutting, and Donna Bassett.

Hollywood Projects
35mm work

  • Worked on more than 300 Theatrical Movies including :
    • Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones Series, Dances With Wolves, Dirty Harry Series, Lethal Weapon, Annie Hall, Blood and Sand, Ghost Busters, Naked Gun, Alien 1 & 2, Cocoon 1 & 2, Top Gun
  • Demonstration Reels
  • …Specialty Formats such as Vista Vision
  • Numerous "Movies of the Week"
  • …Television Series including:
    • M*A*S*H, Hill Street Blues, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Love Boat Remington Steele, Moon Lighting, St. Elsewhere

65mm Work

  • … 5 perf: Remake of Gone with the Wind, Blade Runner, Remake of Dr. Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia
    … 15 perf: (IMAX) Ring of Fire, Eruption of Mount St Helens, Sunami and Seasons

16mm Work

  • … 27 educational shows for Encyclopedia Britainnica Educational Films dealing with nature, history, science and medicine.
    … Basic and Advanced First Aid Procedures for the American Red Cross
    … 30 + educational shows for Learning Corporation of America.
    … Medical Research films for University of California at Los Angeles/USC.

Restoration Work

  • Lawrence of Arabia, Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Around the World in Eighty Days, Carousel, and Doctor Zhivago.

Cecil B. DeMented: Polar Productions, New York City, John Waters-Director, Joe Carraciolo-Producer, 35mm feature.
Ed, Edd, and Eddy (Season Two):
AKA Cartoons for Turner, Vancouver BC, AJ Ullman-Producer, Animated episodic.
South by Southwest Film Festival:
South by Southwest Productions, Austin TX, Dominic Cancilla, post-super, Trailers.
Vaskino Films, Seattle WA, Serge Gregory-Producer, 16mm short.

The Basket: North By Northwest Productions, Spokane WA, Rich Cowan-Producer, 35mm feature.
Enemies of Laughter:
North By Northwest Productions, Spokan WA, Rich Cowan-Producer, 35mm feature.
Ed, Edd, and Eddy (Season One): AKA Cartoons for Turner, Vancouver BC, AJ Ullman-Producer, Animated episodic.
Black-Eyed Dog:
Aisling Works, San Francisco, Richard O'Connell-Producer, 35mm feature. Apple Cup: Best Pictures, San Francisco, Becky Best-Producer, 16mm feature.
True Nature: Centre Communications, Boulder CO, Ron Meyer-Producer, 16mm feature.
Damaged Goods:
Insanity Filmworks, Puyallup WA, Jason Francois-Producer, 16mm feature.
Lovers' Lane:
Lovers' Lane, LLC, Bellevue WA, Geoff Miller-Producer, 35mm feature.
Somewhere Else: 2001 Productions, Astoria OR, Mick Alderman-Producer, 16mm feature.
Running Out of Time to Kill: Feral Boys Productions, Seattle WA, Michael Wilde-Producer, 16mm feature.
Foster Films, Phoenix AZ, William Joyce-Producer, 16mm feature.
What I Like About You:
Misery Loves Co., Austin TX, Tony Hewett-Producer, 16mm feature.
Sweet Thing: Jam Pictures, Austin TX, Tony Hewett-Producer, 35 mm feature.

Around the Fire: Around the Fire Productions, Seattle WA, John Comerford-Producer, 35mm feature.
The Fortune Cookie:
CDI Media, Salt Lake City, Dave Sapp, Producer, 35mm feature.
Fertile Films, Hollywood CA, Avi Haas-Producer, 35mm feature.
Surrender Dorothy: G. Rich Entertainment, Philadelphia PA, Richard Goldberg-Producer, 16mm feature.
Money Buys Happiness: Hat in Hand Productions, Seattle WA, Jamie Hook-Producer, 16/35mm feature.
Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane:
Lion's Gate Entertainment, Toronto, Next Wave Films, Santa Monica, Mark Stolaroff, Joe Carnahan-Producer, video/16/35mm feature.
The Long Road Home: Majestic Entertainment, Salt Lake City, Bryce Fillmore-Producer, 16mm feature.
Mel: North by Northwest Productions, Spokane WA, Rich Cowan-Producer, 35mm feature.
House of the World:
Esther Podemski Productions, Brooklyn NY, Esther Podemski-Producer, 16mm doc.
Book of Stars:
Shadowcatcher Entertainment, Seattle WA, Scott Rosenfelt-Producer, 35mm feature.
Smoke Signals:
Shadowcatcher Entertainment, Seattle WA, Scott Rosenfelt-Producer, 35mm feature.
Men In Scoring Position: MovieMaker Magazine, Hollywood CA, Susan Genard-Producer, 35mm feature.
Trout Films, Seattle WA, Alex Mindt-Producer, 35mm feature.

Where the Air is Cool and Dark: Shave & Haircut Prod.-Seattle, WA. Brion Rockwell-Producer, 16/35mm color feature.
True Stories of Donut Men: Glazed Productions-Hollywood, CA. Rana Glickman-Producer,16/35mm B/W feature.
Expert Witness: Big Dream Films-Seattle, WA. Shep Salusky ,S16/35mm color feature.
Steaming Milk: Redwolf Enterprises-Seattle, WA. Rodney Rogers-Producer, 35mm color feature. 2612 South Ave.
West: Z Films-Portland, OR. John Stanley-Producer, 16mm color feature.
Little Boy Blue: Jazz Productions-Beverly Hills, CA. Amedeo Ursini-35mm color feature.
Terminal 187: Langston Hughes Cultural Center-Seattle, WA. Sandy Cioffi-Producer 16/35mm color short.
Raven's Blood: Perseverance Theatre-Douglas, Alaska Molly Smith & Carol Hodge Producer 16/35 color feature.
Univers'l: A.R.Nicholas Production, Portland, OR. Anna Nicholas Producer 16mm color feature.
Heat Included: Evans & Kuehl Production, Chicago, IL. Peter Kuehl Producer 16mm B/W feature.
Reggie's Prayer: Reggie White Studios, Portland OR. Paul McCellops Producer 35mm color feature.

The Wright Brothers: Millenium Productions-Seattle, WA. Chris Petersen-Producer, 16/35mm color feature.
The Last Big Thing: Last Big Thing, Inc.-Olympia, WA. David Barnett-Producer, 35mm color feature.
The Man Who Counted: Cumberland Films-Seattle, WA. Cathy Main-Producer, 35mm color short.
Darkness in the Light: Seattle, WA. Daniel Baraki-Producer, 16/35mm color feature.
Four O'Clock: Ajax Productions-N.Y., N.Y. Producer, 16mm B/W feature.
That Night: John Keister Enterprises-Seattle, WA. John Kiester-Producer, 35mm color short.
Crocodile Tears: Crocodile Tears Productions-Seattle, WA. Sandi Cioffi-Producer, 16/35mm color feature.
Kameleon: Seattle, WA. Jay Koh-Producer, 35mm color & B/W feature.
Eden: Water Street Pictures-Santa Monica, CA. Harvey Kahn-Producer, 35mm color feature.
Carried Away: Cinetel-Seattle, WA. Lisa Hansen & Paul Hertzberg-Producers, 35mm color feature.

Go Fish: Samuel Goldwyn Production-Los Angeles, CA. Tom Kalin-Producer, 16/35mm B/W feature.
Georgia: Miramax Films-N.Y, N.Y. Ula Grossbard-Producer, 35mm color feature.

Prisoner of Time: Prize Productions-San Francisco, CA. Mark Levinson-Producer, 16/35mm color feature.


Hunters of the Sea Wind: British Broadcasting Corporation-London, England Rich Rosenthal-Producer, 16mm color documentary.
Coming Out Under Fire: PBS -Los Angeles, CA. Arthur Dong-Producer, 16mm B/W documentary.
The Life and Times of the Red Dog Saloon: Red Dog Enterprises-San Rafael, CA. Mary Works-Producer, 16mm color documentary.
Take This Heart: PBS/KCTS-Seattle, WA. Katherine Hunt-Producer, 16mm color documentary.
The Young Outdoorsman: Del Roby Productions-Seattle, WA. Del Roby-Producer, 16mm color documentary.
Biker Dreams: Epicenter Films-Seattle, WA. Adam Berman-Producer, S16/35mm color documentary.

Daily Syncing/Editorial Liaison

Practical Magic: Warner Bros.-Hollywood, CA Robin Swicord-Producer, 35mm color feature.
The Postman: Warner Bros.-Hollywood, CA Kevin Costner-Producer, 35mm color feature.
Reggie's Prayer: Green Pacific Productions-Portland, OR. Paul McCellups-Producer, 35mm color feature.
Georgia: Miramax Films-N.Y., N.Y. Ula Grossbard-Producer, 35mm color feature.
Raven's Blood: Perseverence Theatre Prod.-Juneau, AK. Molly Smith-Producer, 16/35 color feature.
A Leonard Cohen Afterworld: New Line Cinema, Hollywood, Scott Rosenberg-Producer, 35mm color feature .

Work References:

Majestic Entertainmen
Producer, Bryce Fillmore
3487 E. 2100 South, Suite 140
Salt Lake City, UT 84119-1162
Films: Walking Thunder, Heaven Sent, Windancer, Long Road Home

Producer, Katherine Hunt
401 Mercer
Seattle, WA 98109
Film: Take This Heart
Graphic Films
Amiel Najar-Post Production Supervisor/Editor
3341 Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
IMAX Films: Ring of Fire, Eruption of Mount St. Helens, Sunami and Seasons.
North by Northwest Productions
Rich Cowen-Producer/Director
903 West Broadway
Spokane, WA 9201
(509) 324-2949
Films: Mel, The Basket
Fast Forward Media Lab
Crocodile Tears Production
Sandy Cioffi-Producer
1019 E. Pike
Seattle, WA. 98122
Films: Crocodile Tears, Terminal 187
Shellar Films Ltd.
Jim Shelton-Producer/Director
1603 Broadmoor St.
Austin, TX 78723
Films: Matthew's Sunrise, Beyond Babylon
ShadowCatcher Entertainment LLC
Janet Eckholm-Post Production Supervisor
400 East Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 622-7470
Films: Smoke Signals, Book of Stars
Perseverance Theater
Molly Smith-Director, Carol Hodge-Producer
914 Third Street
Douglas, Alaska 99824
Film: Raven"s Blood


Professional/Personal References

Bob Lancaster - Alpha Cine Laboratory-Seattle, (206) 682-8230
Chris Bushman - Pacific Title/Mirage Studios-Hollywood, (323) 464-0121 ext.122
Rich Vedvick - Forde Laboratory-Seattle, (206) 682-2510
Dave Harden - Rainmaker Laboratory-Vancouver, (604) 874-6900
Phil Ledeboer - Consolidated Film Industries-Hollywood, (213) 960-7444
Bob Hart - Sunrise Films-Hollywood, (323) 467-8145
Fiona Duncanson - Postcard Productions- Vancouver, (604) 970-2016
Gary Burritt - Kona Cutting-Hollywood, (323) 462-6171 ext. 8420
Rich Bax - Eastman Kodak-Hollywood, (323) 468-1540
Ted Wilson - Hollywood Film & Video- Hollywood, (323) 462-3284
Dash Morrison - Deluxe Laboratory-Hollywood, (323) 462-6171 Ext. 8661
Tom Bullock - Fire Water Films- San Francisco, (415) 677-9921
David Orr - Technicolor-Hollywood, (818) 769-8500
Andrew Ullman - Metropolitan Entertainment- Hollywood, (213) 856-7060
Rick Cooper - Alpha Cine Motion Picture Lab.-Vancouver, (604)
688-7757 Brian De Paoli Finale' editworks- Vancouver, (604) 876-7678